Visual Fitness Planner (VFP) has been delivering insights for sales improvement since 1999. Our Ultimate Sales Engine drives significantly increased Personal Training and sales revenue through 3 CORE methods:

  • The expertise of our Business Coaches with over 150 years of combined health club EFT Personal Training sales and management experience
  • Our Personal Training and Membership proprietary sales technologies
  • Revenue producing Sales Analytics

Our team of experts in both Personal Training sales and analytic technology works together to deliver sales systems perfectly customized to your business. VFP ensures your customized technologies are implemented and executed for maximum impact to your bottom line.


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“This unique technology is a dynamic resource for enhancing our relationship with potential members at the point of sale as well as driving personal training sales. VFP is a tool that will help any and all clubs be more profitable.”
David Patchell-Evans, Owner GoodLife Fitness Clubs // 335 Locations
“Visual Fitness Planner is an important part of our strategy at 24 Hour Fitness—one that’s potentially life-transforming for our 4 million members. The VFP team deeply understands our business, and they were incredibly responsive to customization that we requested during the roll-out process.”
Richard Boyd, SVP of Business Strategy 24 Hour Fitness // 450 Locations
“Most software products simply improve our company’s efficiency and make our systems easier to manage. Well, Visual Fitness Planner has done that plus much more for Youfit. VFP has allowed us to better present and assist our clients while greatly impacting the performance of our personal training program. We love it, our trainers love it, our clients love it. We plan to be clients for a very long time.”
J.J. Creegan, Chief Operating Officer YouFit Health Clubs // 120 Locations


Daron Allen
Daron Allen President & CEO
Daron Allen, President and CEO of Visual Fitness Planner (VFP), has over 20 years of health club industry experience. Daron has worked with many of the top 100 club operators in the world implementing powerful sales systems. He is a Past President and board member of THRSA, former Vice President of Fitness Services of the Osteopathic Health System of Texas, finalist for the IHRSA/LifeFitness GM of the Year Award 1998/1999, and a recognized thought leader and presenter within the health club industry.
Mario Bravomalo
Mario BravomaloFounder
Mario Bravomalo, Founder of Visual Fitness Planner (VFP), is a Licensed Physical Therapist who developed the prediction mathematical formulas of fat loss for body segments used today. An entrepreneur, his ventures include a partnership in the creation of SPORTSMED and founding the North Texas Center for Pain Management. Mario also created a cash-for-service business portal within the nursing home industry for Richard’s Healthcare. His vision of how VFP could benefit the fitness industry led to the creation of Inter-Images.
Russ Brucks
Russ BrucksChief Engineer
Russ Brucks, Chief Engineer, developed the mathematical models, graphical display techniques, configurable flow control, flexible data storage and communications that make Visual Fitness Planner unique. He also has created EDI software used by Fortune 500 food and consumer product companies. Russ is an e-commerce consultant who led the development of several web sites including: an e-business portal, online movies item, online help desk, land information portal, health information site, and physicians’ site portal.
Sam Lanasa
Sam LanasaVP of Sales
Sam Lanasa, Vice President of Sales, is revered as a leading expert in all things sales related, club operations, and successfully converting clubs to a monthly EFT Personal Training Model. With 15 years of health club experience, he has excelled in driving revenue for health clubs through personal consulting. Sam has a diverse skill set with experience in managing over 800 trainers in 103 clubs across 7 states. Health clubs receive exemplary customer service due to his ability to communicate effectively and problem solve key issues.
Warren Webb
Warren WebbVP of Business Development
Warren Webb, Vice President of Business Development, is recognized as a founding director for two nationally recognized business incubators. His accomplishments include being awarded Senior Analyst for Dun and Bradstreet. Webb is responsible for nurturing numerous start-up companies to economic success and is an expert in early to mid-stage business management and growth. His strategic planning, marketing, business development and operational management skills enable him to accelerate business revenue and offer outstanding business consultations.