Lead Generation

  • Lead Spin improves internet lead generation and engagement with VFP’s patented Health Risk / Health Age tools
  • Lead Spin’s Facebook-style quiz is easy to implement into any club web page
  • All online leads auto populate the VFP+ system and your integrated billing provider
  • Health Pack enhances your corporate health solutions with VFPís patented health surveys and corporate health analysis
  • VFPnext is the next generation CRM, giving you the power to improve sales, retention and accountability
  • VFPnext CRM empowers each sales representative with a “personal assistant” to organize, drive and automate the task-management side of the sales process
  • Track your club’s complete prospect and membership lifecycle and create unique scripts and cadence for all calls, texts, emails and staff tasks
  • Capture all outbound and inbound text messages
  • Digital Guest Register eliminates the clutter of clipboards at the reception desk and the pain of duplicate data entry
  • Improve lead capture, guest pass tracking and more


  • Tablet Tour & PT Orientation solutions serve as a digital sales assistant for Membership, PT, Orientations and more
  • VFP’s staff-friendly, mobile Tablet Tour improves membership sales through a proven presentation system
  • Tablet Tour with T-3 equips sales teams with tools to up-sell team training at the point-of-sale
  • Digital Enrollment gives you the power to sell anywhere with seamless integration to ABC Financial, Jonas, Motionsoft, Club Ready and more
  • VFP’s PT Orientation enhances value of the session and provides consistency throughout the orientation process
  • VFP’s proven PT Orientation increases member spending by 230%


  • VFP’s Launch is Coming Soon!
  • Launch combines member integration and engagement to ensure the successful launch of every new member
  • Launch becomes your club’s interactive welcome pack
  • VFP’s motivational fitness challenge solution is designed to eliminate the complexity of tracking member progress during an 8-12 week fitness challenge
  • VFP’s Challenge solution allows the staff to focus on member results and personal training sales

Data Insight

  • VFP’s Data Box Reporting houses all data in a central location
  • Gain insight from aggregated data reporting
  • Make instant business decisions with real-time stats
  • Powerful, streamlined insights, including KPI Report and Sales Funnel Leaderboard
  • Set goals to hold your staff accountable and increase workforce performance
  • Track returns on your marketing dollars