“This unique technology is a dynamic resource for enhancing our relationship with potential members at the point of sale as well as driving personal training sales. VFP is a tool that will help any and all clubs be more profitable.”
David Patchell-Evans, GoodLife Fitness Clubs // 335 Locations


“The Crunch Digital Toolkit is one of the most advanced fully integrated sales systems ever created in the fitness industry. It’s designed to do one thing; HELP YOU MAKE MONEY.”

Craig Pepin-Donat, Co-Founder, EVP Crunch Fitness // 300+ Locations


“VFP has assisted us in moving the needle! Our VFP sales and personal training system accomplishes the following:

• 70% of all new members are booked for orientation/VFP assessment
• 70% of these appointments show up for the session
• 40% of these VFP sessions result in PT or SGT sales.”

Jim Sansone, President, The Edge Fitness Clubs // 27 Locations


“I have been working with VFP for the past year on our EFT PT model, and we have seen tremendous growth and understand our potential now in our PT department.”
Mike Alpert, President & CEO, Claremont Club // Claremont, CA


“XSPORT has been using Visual Fitness Planner for over 12 years. VFP is the single most beneficial tool in creating value for the member/potential member. The system makes average sales people so much better. For us, the ability to differentiate from the competition is critical. Visual Fitness Planner gives our members great education and motivation to achieve results. The support you receive from VFP’s team for training and development of the staff is tremendous.”

XSPORT Fitness, Chicago, New York and Washington DC // 40 Clubs

“Owners are so worried about the bottom line! Rightly so… but you should focus on improving the process not just the result! Great processes drive great results. Visual Fitness Planner helps you seamlessly manage the sales process!

We have no hesitation in recommending VFP to any gym seeking to increase sales and retention.”

David Dos Santos, Owner, Best Fitness // 10 Clubs
“I have been using VFP for over two years; I would get rid of the treadmills before I stopped using it. This gives a consistent yet evolving structure to educate and showcase our services to our clients. Our staff is always on the same page because our verbiage is uniform. We sold more training in five days than we did the previous month without VFP. It’s a lot easier to educate clients on their needs when they are sitting in a bathing suit staring at a mirror. That’s what this program is. They then place a wish and the mirror shows them the possibilities of what they can look like, and how this club and these personal trainers are the key to that achievement. VFP has revolutionized the business. The applications are endless. I wrote this testimonial because I know the amount of revenue that was created from this product has secured my future and opened up new opportunities. Thanks a ‘million’.”
Dr. William Ferro, Owner, BETR Health & Lifestyle Solutions