Soldierfit Edgewater “Troop”,

From our family to yours, we hope you are staying safe and healthy during this challenging time.  I have spent many hours thinking about you, our wonderful gym, our fantastic team of trainers and staff and praying for your continued health and safety. All of us at Soldierfit Edgewater truly appreciate your tremendous enthusiasm and support as we continue to support you on your health and wellness journey. Now more than ever it is important to remain… Soldierfit Strong!  

Out of our commitment to your well-being, we have added exciting new programs and benefits to help you achieve your fitness goals. Be sure to take advantage of all of these resources:

  • Around the Barracks Members Private Facebook Group for Active Members
    Join now to receive Nutritional Information, view Seminars & Interviews.
  • SOLDIERFIT Live Group Bootcamps
    Get pumped-up and engaged with other “Troops” in LIVE Bootcamps offered via Zoom and downloadable for a later sweat-session!
  • “Troop” In-Home Basic Training Workouts
    Additional workouts provided in an exciting in-home app.
  • Soldierfit Edgewater Facebook Page
    For additional nutritional updates and other inspirational information from your fellow “Troops” & Trainers!!

All of these programs and benefits are designed for you to stay on track and participate in the comforts of your own home or backyard.


Our Soldierfit Live Bootcamps being offered via the Zoom online video app are a great way for active Members to engage with other “Troops”. During the Bootcamp you will get personal coaching and form corrections and be inspired by our fantastic Black Hats!  Attend and get your MOTIVATION ON!

If you can’t join the live Bootcamp, feel free to download it for later use at your own convenience.   Just like at the gym, remember to schedule the Bootcamps that work for you and add a reminder so you keep your promise to yourself. Don’t forget to invite your battle buddies to join you and stay connected!  Click on links to classes on the Member’s Private Facebook Group – AROUND THE BARRACKS – or save the list below for easy access: 

6:00AM Bootcamp

9:00AM Bootcamp

12:00PM Bootcamp

4:00PM Bootcamp

6:00PM Bootcamp

9:00AM Bootcamp


During the closure, all Active “Troops” are invited to use  our newly developed “Troop” In-Home Basic Training app for FREE.  To download the app:

  1. Click here: “Troop” In-Home Basic Training 
  2. Click “Buy” (disregard the $99 fee. A code will be auto-applied to discount it to $0)
  3. Enter your name and credit card information – Again, no fee will be charged
  4. Finish creating your profile 
  5. Look for an email with instructions to download the app

Enjoy your SOLDIERFIT In-Home Basic Training workout program!

From all of us here at SOLDIERFIT Edgewater, we are excited to continue to serve you.  From the bottom of our hearts… we thank you for your continued support!  

Be safe, be healthy, be Soldierfit Strong!