About Amy Simpson

Amy Simpson, Vice President of Operations, has 23 years of experience with an established track record for profitable management through a wide variety of club systems. She was the 1999 IHRSA/CYBEX Fitness Director of the Year and also assisted in the initial development and roll-out of the Visual Fitness Planner concept. Amy’s talents have contributed to the success of many club systems including: women’s only, club turn-around, area general management, and new club branding / concept development for large multi-club systems.

Fitness Industry Undergoes Seismic Shifts…Again

Times, they are a changing.  With the maturity of the low-price high-volume model and the explosion of boutique fitness, established clubs are seeing same-store sales become flat. Clubs are starting to see the volume of consumers who flock to the low-price membership options begin to decrease, creating significant concern around this business model. After running [...]

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Release 2.2.0

NEW! Guest Register Enhancement Schedule an Appointment button on the Guest Register/Staff Log-In Enables you to schedule any Calendar Event set-up in ABC directly from the Guest Register NEW! Digital Enrollment Enhancements Take a New Member Photo Add/Save Barcode NEW!  Databox Set-up Enhancements Guest Pass Set-Up - easy access to set-up passes [...]

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Crunch Reporting 2.0

REPORTING RELEASE 2.0 ENHANCED! Digital Toolkit Report Visual Count for Repeat Guest Activity Guest Pass visibility - the DTK Report visually shows passes, complete with sort capability Sort by Name, Email, Phone, Lead Source, Pass, Staff, Signature Link, Date and Status (Registered, Toured, Price Presented, Enrolled) Export report data [...]

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Reporting 2.0

NEXT CRM ENHANCED! Make Call Start calls by calling ‘into the system’ for any line - designed specifically for clubs without extensions or direct phone numbers for sales staff.  Retains all call functionality of VFPnext including call tracking, recording and more. ENHANCED!  Referral Modal Referral Modal now accepts [...]

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Data Analytics Will Change the Club Industry – Part 1

CLICK to read the complete article: Norm Cates' Club Insider Weekly - May 11 - 24, 2016 Data analytics and its myriad benefits can positively affect every single health club regardless of size. This influx of data can be harnessed, analyzed, and utilized to benefit both the health club and consumer in very meaningful ways. [...]

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IHRSA 2016 Associate Member of the Year Award

"What a great moment for Visual Fitness Planner!  On behalf of everyone from VFP, I would like to thank IHRSA and their entire, amazing team for this award.  Thank you to the thousands of clubs who have trusted us to partner with them over the years.  And thank you to the many panelists from our [...]

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It’s Time for a Different Approach

Monthly sales quotas have been around longer than the fitness industry itself. Managers continue to set sales quotas for their membership sales and personal training departments.  Over time, these quotas become far reaching and more often than not unattainable, de-motivating goals. Month after month managers continue to set unrealistic goals for their teams in hopes [...]

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Educate and interact with club members on a personal level. Calculate health risks Show members their body's current health age Collect data digitally to help reduce member's health risk factors

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Behind the Scenes Take on VFP

Personal Trainer explains how VFP benefits her through education, support, and overall member satisfaction. Gain insight on a personal level Educate the member and empower the Personal Trainer Ease of financial transaction through visual presentation Scripted tour for sales allows Personal Trainer to feel secure with sales presentations

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VFP can create urgency for lifestyle changes. Baseline generated for member Daily fitness program created Reduce weight loss plateau Visual body transformation model generated; members can SEE their goal Increase Personal Training sales

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