“What a great moment for Visual Fitness Planner!  On behalf of everyone from VFP, I would like to thank IHRSA and their entire, amazing team for this award.  Thank you to the thousands of clubs who have trusted us to partner with them over the years.  And thank you to the many panelists from our IHRSA Associate Seminars.  I would also like to thank the entire VFP Team for their passion and dedication.  It is legitimately difficult to describe how much this means to the entire VFP Team to be selected as 2016 IHRSA Associate Member of the Year!  This is truly amazing for us!  From the earliest days attending the IHRSA Institute in 1994 and 1995 as an operator – to the very first IHRSA show in which VFP had a booth in 2001, to returning as a Faculty Member at the IHRSA Institute, IHRSA has been a big part of our history, our education, and our success.  We have always looked up to prior award winners and aspired to one day be awarded Associate Member of the Year – and that day is finally here!  VFP has rapidly been innovating sales technology solutions that help clubs generate sales and retain members.  We are truly honored and blessed to have this award bestowed on us.  IHRSA Associate Members of the Year are truly the best in class Associates and we are so proud to be a part of this prestigious group.  Thank you to the man upstairs and we’ll see you on the trade show floor.”

Daron Allen, Visual Fitness Planner, President/CEO