I believe Team Training is the most game-changing concept to come along in the fitness industry in 20 years.

Why such a game changer? For the first time, clubs are now able to offer true fitness to the masses.

The industry has always managed with really just two product offerings – an entry level membership (hope you understand exercise and nutrition well enough to get results), or expensive one-on-one personal training.

A classic case of the haves and have-nots: if you don’t have the financial resources to afford one-on-one personal training, more likely than not you’ll never get the fitness results you are hoping for. But if you’re lucky enough to be well-off financially, then the privilege of fitness can be yours.

The numbers in the industry have always borne this out – less than 20% of members get involved in personal training, and this plays a significant role in the industry’s poor retention rate.​ In fact, most clubs’ overall PT penetration rate is less than 5% on an annualized basis.​

With team training, ​our industry can now provide the privilege of fitness to a much greater population.

It’s extremely exciting to see a club begin to offer multiple membership options where they combine team training/group training into an affordable membership.

We now have that opportunity and, as an industry, should set our goal that 50% of members are involved with some level of training.

This not only benefits the member, as the likelihood of them reaching their goals significantly increases, but it will also be extremely beneficial to the clubs, whose average price per member will increase at the same time driving a higher retention rate.

Talk about a win-win situation! Members are given a cost-effective way of getting involved in fitness with a greater likelihood of achieving results, and at the same time clubs are making more money per member and members are staying longer.

So, what’s the downside? The downside is how to ​market and ​sell ​team training​​. How ​do you educate the consumer that your club has a new product offering​? How do you truly differentiate your product offerings to your prospects​? How do you powerfully communicate the benefits of team training to your prospects​?​

Overcoming “how do I market it, price it and sell it” is ​actually not as hard as it may sound…with the right resources the solution is ​easy.​ There is always somebody in th​e health and fitness club​ industry that ​has ​plowed the ground and made a path​. There is someone that has been there and done that, and you can benefit from their mistakes and experience.

Finding and connecting with this level of experience is as easy as contacting VFP. ​ ​VFP has worked with some of the top operators​ to refine a sales system to sell third-tier memberships​ which include team training​. ​ ​VFP has created a complete ​”​T-3​”​membership sales system for selling team training at the point-of-sale.​ This “T-3” system takes all of the guess work out of the equation and is incredibly fast and easy to implement.​ Your club can impact your bottom line before the end of the year…and be set-up for amazing success in 2018.

If your club’s goal is to get more than 50% participation in fitness training, increase your average price per member, and significantly increase your retention rate, ​CONTACT VFP for a mission-critical conversation​ TODAY.​