We know this is a wild time for everyone. So many industries are hurting, and the gym industry is going to be hit extremely hard. Honestly, some gyms wont make it through this. The SOLDIERFIT team is committed to making it through and showing up stronger on the other side. We are committed because we have the most amazing staff who depend on this place for their livelihood. We are committed because we believe SOLDIERFIT is a special place that needs to exist for our community.

Truthfully, we need your help. We believe that there is a scenario where you get everything you desire from a membership at SOLDIERFIT while also playing a pivotal role in ensuring we can open our doors at the end of this. We have taken the SOLDIERFIT you know and love and moved it to an amazing and supportive Online Community Group Training Platform that is complimentary to all active troops so that we are still here for you, even at home!

On this platform we are posting:

  • live at-home daily boot camp classes
  • pre-filmed and written workouts
  • nutritional talks
  • accountability groups for everyone to join
  • … and more so we can help you stay healthy and fit during all of this!

Here is the link to join our Private Soldierfit Facebook Community Group:


From all of us here at SOLDIERFIT we are excited to continue to serve you and from the bottom of our hearts… THANK YOU for your continued support! Let’s continue to be SOLDIERFIT Strong!