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The Most Powerful Sales Tool in the Fitness Industry

Visual Fitness Planner creates customized sales systems that enable health clubs to identify, modify, and adapt sales processes to maximize membership and personal training sales performance. VFP is a proud partner with Crunch to bring Franchisees the Crunch Digital Toolkit.

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“The Crunch Digital Toolkit is one of the most advanced fully integrated sales systems ever created in the fitness industry. It’s designed to do one thing; HELP YOU MAKE MONEY.”

Craig Pepin-Donat, Co-Founder, EVP

Why Crunch and VFP?

VFP will help ensure that Crunch franchisees deliver a consistent, branded, professional presentation to every prospect. Delivering Crunch specific messaging will only continue to strengthen the brand and drive increased revenue.

The Company

VFP is the number one sales presentation tool in health clubs today. Since 1999, VFP has grown to serve over 1600 clubs by building the best sales systems in the industry. We have a passion for creating better business systems for our customers.

The Technology

VFP desktop and web based platforms are designed by industry experts who have thousands of hours of club experience, and technologists who understand function and reliability.

Whether it’s beautifully designed sales presentations, digital guest registration, or management reporting VFP is designed with one specific goal in mind; increase your revenue.

The Sales System

Combining VFP technology with Camp Crunch will ensure your staff executes the ‘perfect play’ in every presentation. The highly visual, branded platform provides the greatest opportunity for sales.

The Connection

VFP has already established API connections with ABC Financial, leadSPEAK, and more. With the full suite of Crunch’s Digital Tool Kit, you will have full integration to all of your business software platforms.

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