♦ There is no type defined for the track (lead/member/etc)

This means that when an appointment is scheduled, all other non-lead-or-member-specific tracks will be canceled. In this case, the only tracks that you have that are non-lead-or-member-specific is the General Long-Term Communications track, however – this track will NOT cancel due to it having an option selected to keep it active at all times. All other tracks have the type of Lead or Member.

⇒ What is a lead-specific track? Lead specific tracks are set as Lead-type when created, and will only be active if the lead is still a lead and will cancel if the lead becomes a member.
⇒ What is a member-specific track? Member tracks are set as Member-type when created, and will only be active if a member is still a member, and will cancel if they are no longer a member (and their status changes in the system) or opt-out of communications.

♦ Or if the track type equals the Appt type (like Sales for the appointment and “Appt – Sales” for the track type)

This means that if a (Membership) Sales Appointment is already scheduled for the lead in the system, and a NEW (Membership) Sales Appointment is created (either via reschedule or creating a new one), the existing  (Membership) Sales Appointment track will be cancelled and the NEW one will be started. This is so the lead has the most up-to-date information as far as confirmations/reminders go.

However, if you schedule a (PT) Sales Appointment, the (Membership) Sales Appointment tracks will NOT cancel.

♦ Or if the track type is ‘lead’

This means that when an appointment is scheduled, all current Lead-type tracks (tracks that are set as a type of Lead upon creation) will cancel since the appointment goal has been met.

If the appointment is missed, the Appointment Missed track will auto-start. If the appointment is a show, and they sign into the DGR when they arrive, but do not purchase a membership, the Missed Guest Track will auto-start.