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Why do we require a credit/debit card for immediate payments? For ABC Clubs: Why does my billing & management software mandate this process?2018-11-20T22:46:00+00:00

The short answer? Risk management.

“ACH transactions sometimes take longer to settle as a risk management measure. Credit and debit card transactions are authorized and approved immediately, so unless the consumer later says the transaction was fraudulent, the transaction will typically go through. However, ACH transactions aren’t authorized right away and can be rejected or reversed after they’re submitted to the receiving bank (the customer’s bank).”

Read more on this here: https://healpay.com/2015/09/28/why-do-ach-payments-take-so-long-to-settle/

While attempting entering a credit card, my Scan Credit Card option does not appear on the keyboard. Why is this?2018-11-20T22:30:35+00:00

Make sure that the direct link to your DGR on the iPad home screen was not added as an App button saved to the Home Screen. If you are not launching the DGR from Safari on the iPad, please delete this app button and save it as a Favorite to access your DGR link. Since you are collecting and transmitting secure information, launching from Safari is required to use the optical scan feature.

When an appointment is scheduled, tracks for that lead are cancelled if:2019-04-11T17:50:07+00:00

♦ There is no type defined for the track (lead/member/etc)

This means that when an appointment is scheduled, all other non-lead-or-member-specific tracks will be canceled. In this case, the only tracks that you have that are non-lead-or-member-specific is the General Long-Term Communications track, however – this track will NOT cancel due to it having an option selected to keep it active at all times. All other tracks have the type of Lead or Member.

⇒ What is a lead-specific track? Lead specific tracks are set as Lead-type when created, and will only be active if the lead is still a lead and will cancel if the lead becomes a member.
⇒ What is a member-specific track? Member tracks are set as Member-type when created, and will only be active if a member is still a member, and will cancel if they are no longer a member (and their status changes in the system) or opt-out of communications.

♦ Or if the track type equals the Appt type (like Sales for the appointment and “Appt – Sales” for the track type)

This means that if a (Membership) Sales Appointment is already scheduled for the lead in the system, and a NEW (Membership) Sales Appointment is created (either via reschedule or creating a new one), the existing  (Membership) Sales Appointment track will be cancelled and the NEW one will be started. This is so the lead has the most up-to-date information as far as confirmations/reminders go.

However, if you schedule a (PT) Sales Appointment, the (Membership) Sales Appointment tracks will NOT cancel.

♦ Or if the track type is ‘lead’

This means that when an appointment is scheduled, all current Lead-type tracks (tracks that are set as a type of Lead upon creation) will cancel since the appointment goal has been met.

If the appointment is missed, the Appointment Missed track will auto-start. If the appointment is a show, and they sign into the DGR when they arrive, but do not purchase a membership, the Missed Guest Track will auto-start.

What kind of WiFi recommendations in terms of upload speed does VFPnext need?2018-11-20T22:32:58+00:00

Please refer to the Network Recommendations:
[pdf-embedder url=”https://vfp.us/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/VFPnext®-Network-OS-Browser-and-Device-Recommendations-v2019_11.13.pdf”]

What happens if the same Guest is entered into the DGR twice, possibly days apart?2018-11-20T21:18:30+00:00

Our system checks cell phone number and/or email address in a duplicate-check to make sure that this guest is not entered twice. If the guest’s email or cell phone match an existing record, a prompt will show asking if the existing record is the same guest that is attempting a new sign-in, or if they are related to the guest, and it will give options from there to either check in as the existing guest, or add a new guest as a family member or other related record type.

What happens if I forget to Complete Registration for a Guest after filling out the DGR?2018-11-20T21:05:31+00:00

For ABC DataTrak users: Our system syncs with the ABC Data Track system every 2 hours. A guest that was entered in but not processed will be synced at this time. The 2 hour window exists for you to have enough time to Tour or Enroll the member instead of completing the registration and sending the Guest data to ABC Data Track as a prospect.

For all other synced billing and management software users: This feature may vary by club, please contact your VFPnext representative for more information.

For non-synced users: This feature does not apply since the leads and members are converted and maintained all within VFPnext via the Make Sale functionality.

What device(s) should I use to run VFPnext?2018-11-09T23:39:37+00:00
For optimal speed/performance and features, VFP very strongly recommends:  newer model iPads with Safari for the DGR/Tour/DE and Chrome browser on laptops/desktop computers. 
(while the VFPnext system may open/run on other devices/browsers, the results will be less than ideal speed/performance/features)
Once I enter in a guest in the DGR, I have problems going to the tour or enrollment. Getting error message that it’s a bad link.2018-11-20T22:28:56+00:00

This issue is tied to saving your DGR link as a home button on the iPad. Delete the home (app) button for the DGR on the iPad’s home screen, go into Safari and enter your DGR link manually and save it as a Favorite inside of Safari, do NOT save to home screen.

My Welcome Email password link doesn’t work?2018-11-09T23:55:43+00:00

The Welcome Email set-password links expire after 24 hours. No problem, though, we can generate a temporary password for you to get you logged in if you’ve missed that 24 hour window!

Is there a Spanish version available for the Digital Guest Register?2018-11-20T20:59:03+00:00

Yes, currently the Digital Guest Register