The full question: Will having a login prompt the system to funnel any leads to us, create any tasks, etc. that will therefore be left unattended since we do not work the CRM?

Short answer: Yes, you can!*

Important answer with explanation: If you are not in the club full time, or you have other managerial duties and you will want to – on occasion – guide a guest through a tour or complete a membership, you can show up in the Digital Guest Register and Digital Enrollment staff lists. (see How do I get the right staff to show in the DGR/DE Staff Lists? question below for more information)

The important thing to remember here is AFTER you tour and/or after you complete a membership, it’s best that you introduce the guest/new member to the new staff person you will be assigning to them from that point forward – *then go into the CRM, search for that guest/member, and TRANSFER that guest/member to the new staff person.

The system is designed to work intuitively from the start. So the guest will sign in, be claimed by a staff person, then taken on a tour. The staff person that claims that guest will be assigned to that guest for all future steps in their guest and member journey. The staff will also get credit for the tour, and for the membership presentation (if that is being tracked in your system).

You can also simply have a login to review reports and maintain administrative duties.