This error is generally due to a bandwidth issue since VFPnext should only be used with stable internet access. Due to the robust nature of this system, it does require stable bandwidth from a secured network (not shared with facility guests or staff mobile devices) to work at optimal speed.

General rules of thumb:

  1. Desktop computers should be hard-wired to the internet, no issue should arise if configured this way.
  2. iPads should be connected to the WiFi via a secured network that is NOT shared with facility guests or staff mobile devices and the WiFi connection should provide a minimum of 3Mbps per device (if no Tour is used) or 8Mbps per device (if Tour is used), and “jitter” should be no more than 1. Run a speedtest from your iPad by going to this link:

To make sure that your VFPnext is performing as it should, please refer to the Network Recommendations: [pdf-embedder url=”®-Network-OS-Browser-and-Device-Recommendations-v2019_11.13.pdf”]