Monthly sales quotas have been around longer than the fitness industry itself.

Managers continue to set sales quotas for their membership sales and personal training departments.  Over time, these quotas become far reaching and more often than not unattainable, de-motivating goals.

Month after month managers continue to set unrealistic goals for their teams in hopes that if they “shoot for the moon, maybe they will land among the stars.”  As part of this, companies offer additional incentives to motivate their sales staff to somehow hit higher production… as if the sales team is not really trying hard enough.

There are two approaches to helping overcome this problem – continue to spend more money on marketing to drive more bodies through the door… or, and we believe much better, implement a program of continuous process improvement for your sales system.  This will increase sales team education, professionalism, motivation, culture, and ultimately, improved sales results.

Other industries with sophisticated sales systems have been doing this for decades.  Their systems give them the ability to review each sales session and look at quantifiable data to determine what variables are affecting the outcome.

This process is known as sales analytics – the ability to use sales data for continuous process improvement.

By continually refining their approach other industries have found that in identifying, controlling, and analyzing all sales variables they have the ability to determine the sales processes that are working, as well as those that are not, and create a best practice sales standard.

Implementing sales analytics into your business will give you the ability to control your sales process and refine it in a way to remove the variables that cause a negative outcome and increase the variables that result in increased sales.

With VFP sales analytics we deliver a turnkey system that will allow you to identify, control, and analyze the variables in your sales process so that you’re able to refine your system.